Lacerating Bosses within 1s (Endgame Gladiator 3.10)

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Hey guys, we’re going to quit the league soon, so we are dumping all of our currencies into our last few OP builds.
So yeah, let’s push Lacerate to its limit and see how the DPS goes 😉

**We chose lacerate because the Celestial MTX is fricking COOL it literally became a new skill lol. Enjoyed this char pretty much, but the gameplay still feels clunky(maybe i’m used to cyclone lol)

**Sorry for less delirium footage as it’s been too laggy recently, but based on how the build performs, it definitely delirium-viable 😉


// Build Overview //
– Impale + Bleed Gladiator (Challenger node = fastaf)
– Fast clear (Slice and dice)
– Huge single target DPS
– Beautiful Skill with celestial MTX(Skill)

// Cheaper Option //
– Ichimonji / any Rare pdps sword(400+) / Paradoxica (Mid-range budget)
– Belly of the beast(Armor)
– Starkonja / Abyssus(More DPS but glass canon)

Lacerate itself has pretty good DPS and it is easy to scale, just pump full flat Phys and you’re good to go 😉



Cheers and enjoy 🙂

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