Pink Crape Myrtle, Lagerstroemia indica, Carlsbad, California

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Crape myrtle, or Lagerstormia indica, is by far my favorite ornamental tree due to its mesmerizing flowers that last throughout the summer and fall here. This is a …

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    Thank you for sharing good videos of beautiful flowers great quality video 👍 🔔 🤝 🙋‍♂️ greet you see the following clip again 🥰

  • The tree of crape myrtle is beautiful!

    As it is photographed a video, please look at me.

    Thank you in advance.

  • The intersection between Faraday Avenue and El Fuerte Road…problem is, a lot of the trees have shed all their flowers already, there's not that much to look at…

    Vista has some but there's no place for you to really walk by and quietly enjoy them. I'm waiting for the white and carmine flowers to come, probably in early fall.

  • There are a lot of myrtles, and I just read that these "trees" actually tend to grow in shrub form most of the time, but can be pruned to become trees! That explains all of the adventitious shoots coming out of the ground. There's a shrub species here in San Diego that's planted all over, it has a deep magenta color and lasts for all of spring and into the summer too.

  • If it can grow in Korea then maybe it can grow in Germany? Almond trees look wonderful in bloom, but I'm not sure if I've seen them here. I never paid attention to landscaping much before 2012, when I started YouTubing in earnest. I'd glad you liked my crape myrtle video 🙂

  • I read that everything, including the berries, is edible, but not so good-tasting 🙁 Aphids like crape myrtle trees. I'll keep an eye out for plum trees in bloom!

  • It's just my guess that it's a Myrtle. Could be a Senna. It might not be since a lot of people think there aren't yellow ones. Maybe I should take pictures of the trunk and everything. Plants come in some of the most diverse forms on earth.

  • Yellow?! Wow, I've never even heard of that color for crape myrtle! Crape myrtle is one of things I look forward to seeing in summer and fall here 🙂


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