WTF? RJ45 to USB Ethernet Extender LAN Extension Cable. Doesn't work how you might expect.

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2x USB 2.0 CAT5 / CAT5E / CAT6 RJ45 to USB Ethernet Extender LAN Extension Cable Features: 1. Using gold-plated core to ensure transmission of signals. 2.

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  • I have these two connetors i tried to connet internet cable it didnt work i even tried USB stick, didnt work. thats when i came to Youtube to find your video. Great job man, never get tired to release these kind of videos👍

  • It's an USB1.1 extender, normal usb can only be extended with a 5m cable. For longer distances you must add a hub to recondition the signal every 5m. This device convert the usb signal to another format to support up to 50m cable length extension.

  • I got these for an extension for my DSLR that Im using as a webcam. But there seems to be a lot of lag… I was guided into getting a USB to ethernet adapter over USB extension cable, because it was faster and cheaper. the framerate is 1 – 2 frames per second. Is it that Im missing something or it might not work for this, Ive seen people use it with regular webcams and there is no loss, but that doesnt seem to be the case for me. Any ideas as to what I could do to get it working?

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    Your fist try seemed that you did the wrong connection. The two adapters not supposedly to connect together, of course they won't work. but instead you should've connected the two adapters via UTP cable. That's why they call it USB extender over UTP. Not the other way round.

  • It's a controller. It distributes the eight soldered connections on the ethernet side, to the 4 soldered connections on the USB side. No real magic is going on inside that chip.


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